Peter Kutz

Physically Based Rendering Engineer and Reseacher

Hi, I'm Peter Kutz. I've been interested in computer graphics since grade school, when I used to make Lego stop-action movies, Flash animations and games, and visual effects for homemade short films. In high school, some of my video work was featured on my favorite TV show at the time, The Colbert Report, and I realized that some people might actually do computer graphics for work. After taking an introductory computer-graphics class at the University of Pennsylvania and learning about the power of vectors, and after trying and failing to secure a summer job in retail or fast food, I spent an entire summer (not including the time I spent juggling 7 to 9 balls in the yard) writing my own photorealistic renderer using path tracing. This and later rendering projects, including a brute-force physically-based sky simulator, led to internships at Pixar Animation Studios, where I helped with the studio's transition to global illumination, and a job at Walt Disney Animation Studios, where I worked on the studio's Hyperion renderer for 5 years. After publishing a SIGGRAPH paper about new approaches to rendering heterogeneous volumes such as clouds and smoke, I took a job at Apple, where I worked on hybrid rasterization and ray-tracing technologies for AR applications. Later, I joined the new 3D&I organization at Adobe, where I have spent the last 3 years working on Adobe's proprietary path tracers.